Uk imports March 2021 WTF ?

Uk imports March 2021 WTF ?

Well boys and if there are any girls left.

I tried to search here to see the craic with bringing a bike in, to no avail.

Q1 has anyone brought in a yoke since 1/1/2021 is there vat and vrt, if so how fakin much are they riding us for

Q2 I heard form my wives husbands cousins Aunty John joe, if you import from the north of Ireland itÂ’s only Vrt, NO, Vat, is that true or bulls*** ?

And if itÂ’s true, does a bike have to be on an NOI reg and not a mainland UK reg ?

Looking at importing something with 6001 miles. On the clock maybe 4/5 years old. Am I gonna get Vat and Vrt and two fingers in the a*** ?

And if so, where and when do I pay Vat, import duty whatever c***ing names they put on it, at the NCT centre where paying Vrt ?

Thanks in advance lads

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Airbag vests.

Airbag vests.

Decent explanation of airbag vest types by the you-tube channel Fortnine.

You can’t put a price on your health but having never looked at them before all I can say is wow they are pricey for the latest models.

370 euro for the older helite model on fc moto site which I suppose isn’t too bad considering it replaces front/back and neck brace.

Not in the market for it atm but might suit some.

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Weird noises K5 gsxr 1000

Weird noises K5 gsxr 1000

Was doing a “hard” pull from 2nd gear 100 km/h to 200 km/h and this noise suddenly appeared. I know these bikes come with automatic cam chain tensioners so why it would make such a noise if it is supposed to adjust itself automatically? The noise increases with RPMs and sometimes disappears at idle.

I am thinking it may be either the valves, rods or bearings or possibly cam chain. Anyway, someone maybe has experience with this and could recognize it from the sound. I have added a video of the sound during startup.

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Bike dryer

Bike dryer

Bought a bike dryer in 2018 for €70 online and has lasted me well up till today. Its actually a pet dryer but does the same job and has heat control too.

Noticed the power fluctuate and a smell of burning 🔥 🤦🏼*♂️ So switched it off and gazed at it hoping it would fix it. Flicked it back on but same thing.

Probably a silly question but is it fooked or is there any way to salvage it.?

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