Kwacker H1 500

Kwacker H1 500

Hi all , with the shut down of work etc it has given me time to pull a few old classics out of hibernation and the first one I have given a bit of a spruce up to is the H1, it needed a new seat cover and a respray but I couldn’t believe my luck last October at the Stafford show I found a tank side panel and oil tank ready for fitting all resprayed with graphics etc . They didn’t come cheap but respraying my own and with graphics I thought buy these and sell my own. I have it almost finished bar a set of points the centre set of points are a bit iffy at times. Also to see another one here in a recent post its nice to see a few survivors fairly intact

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Billy McCosh

Billy McCosh

So sad to hear of the passing of Billy on 5th April. Prior to competing in the sport myself, I always loved to see Billy racing whether it be at the TT (he was entered from 1960 to 1974 – some record !!) or at the Irish national meetings. He obviously held Dunboyne among his favourites – he frequently attended the Spirit Of Dunboyne revival events in recent years riding his beautiful Matchless G50. We will greatly miss him – a great Irish racer !

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Vrt what's required

Vrt what’s required

Hi all ,been a few years since I brought a bike in from uk,just bought a 1986 Yamaha 750 ,privately,teds trucking picking it up ,what paperwork do I need to bring to get it registered,v5 ,proof of purchase ,date entered country, anything else,thanks

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Stafford..anyone else go..??

Stafford..anyone else go..??

Good show…not great…lot of sellers missing…replaced by junk antiques…is this the future….:woots:
Got a good laugh at Collie trying to get out early and the security lad refusing to let him out the main gate…all he was short of saying was..”is this cause i’m black…”…bring better stuff next time too..knob head….

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Dunboyne 2019

Dunboyne 2019


Didn’t make it to Dunboyne this year due to late change of dates – had booked flights for “normal” end of September date.

First of all, did it happen ??? (Hope so !!)

Assuming it did, how did it go ? Any pics available ?

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1960's matchless twin

1960’s matchless twin

Hi, just bought a basket case 1960’s matchless twin ,minus the front frame section,

Has anyone out there got a front section or the complete frame for sale,

I know it’s a long shot,but who knows?

It’s a duplex frame (twin down tubes) that I’m after 1960 -’63.


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Another cool find GS1100E

Another cool find GS1100E

So following on from finding the nice GS1000

I stumbled across this big Suzuki GS1100 and snagged it as ya do.

pulled it outta long term storage

very clean and runs sweet as a nut after

the usual carb clean and oil change.

I’ve always prefered these to the big kwackers.
Click the image to open in full size.

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time capsule gs1000

time capsule gs1000

Found this hiding in a basement with a sheet over it.
8k original miles.
ridden one year and put away.
stunning original bike and one of my personal favorites
from this era.
I rebuilt the carbs and threw new tires on, oil and plugs and thats about it
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

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